Funding Know-How

Access to funding is a top barrier deterring women from starting or growing a business. Here, you will find some useful resources to help you overcome this barrier. From easy to understand articles that will explain the process and your options, to a comprehensive list of finance providers who are passionate about supporting female-led businesses

The two key resources we would recommend for all female founders looking for funding are as follows:

  • Finance Options Journey – a tool built by the British Business Bank to help small businesses in different stages identify and understand funding options available to them
  • Ultimate Rolodex – an interactive tool to help you find the funders or funding platforms that fit your situation

There are many more helpful resources out there, if you are looking for more (especially if you are new to this)!

We have complied and organised the resources by the stage your business is in. Whether you are looking to start or scale up, these resources will help you identify your funding options, find finance providers and will help you learn the best practises for fundraising to give you the best chance of success:

Early stage / startup

First pot of capital or businesses with less than 2 years of operating experience; also known as ‘Seed’ capital stage

Later stage / Scale up

Raised funding before, but looking for more capital and/or more sophisticated investors; also known as series A-C capital; typically businesses with more than 2 years’ operating experience

All Stages

Applicable to entrepreneurs in both early and late startup stages (from Seed to Series C)