Where are some good places to begin looking for funding?

This article from Oxford Foundry Start-Up School will help you get started if you need funding

  • You need to kiss a lot of frogs!
  • UKBAA Member Directory is free to use and  searchable by sector, region, stage, amount: www.ukbaa.org.uk/services-for-entrepreneurs/contact-investors
  • Try to get slots at pitching and showcasing events- direct and online-see UKBAA online event calendar
  • Warm introductions are generally best so use your personal contacts, networks; accountant, advisers
  • Speak with other invested entrepreneurs (who are not your competitors) about their investors to intro you
  • Attend investment conferences on industry/sectors where you can network
  • Do your research on recent investments: Crunch base; pitchbook so you can know who is investing in your sector/geography
  • Remember it can take 3 – 6 months to find and secure investment, so plan ahead for your investment strategy.

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